Saturday, July 19, 2008

Queen of Donuts

Since the completion of my half ironman triathlon back in June, I have come to a few conclusions. First, riding my bike is on average much more fun than running. Secondly perhaps two thirds of what I look forward to on race day is finishing so I can eat! With this in mind Stephanie and I happened upon the perfect event, lo and behold...The Tour de Donut consists of three 7 mile laps. Between each lap racers enter a trinsition area where they eat as many donuts as they can before continuing on their bikes. Each donut eaten subtracts three minutes from your total race time.

Here are Stephanie and I with our matching bicycles. For those who are unaware I facea a rather diffucult decision this summer...a trip to Costa Rica with my girl friends or a brand new road bike of my very own. Naturally I chose the bike :) jk...but serioulsy, I chose the bike.

Here is a lovely butt shot. It initially looks like Steph is touching my bum but upon further examination you will note she is holding her bicycle seat.
Here I am shoving my face in true heffer fashion. Steph took it upon herself to help pace me on the bike...I so graciously returned the favor by pacing her on the donuts!
For the record we ate four donuts at our second transition in only 5 minutes!!

And it all seemed to pay off in the end...that's right we were crowned the official Queens of Donuts for eating more than any other female at the race...a whopping 6 donuts each!! Not only that we had the fastest female times with our 18 minute deduction :)
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The Guera Salsera was born and rasied in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. She developed a love for the great outdoors at a very young age through many family camping trips. It was not until much later in life when she discovered the joy of salsa dancing, wakeboarding, roadbiking, and torturing people in the laboratory in the name of science. She is somewhat of an anomaly going on seven years at BYU as a single co-ed. Some attribute her single status to the fact she enjoys dressing as a forest gremlin from time to time. Other feel this peculiar behavior is exactly what makes her so uniquely Stellerific!