Friday, March 28, 2008

Who do I resemble???

Okay I must confess, I've been dying to post all week. Now that I finally finished my blasted cardiopulmonary exam...this is my reward! Not only that, but I am heeding the numerous cries, (2 to be exact...ha, ha) for pictures...although I do feel this is somewhat self degrading.

As promised, I am providing you with side by side comparisons of myself with Japanese animation characters. I have no doubt you'll see the shockingly uncanny resemblance! Furthermore I decided to go a step further and recruit your help in resolving the ongoing debate as to which Hollywood actress I bear a closer resemblance to. (note: The actresses featured were chosen based off public feedback. If it were up to me I'd rather resemble Shakira or Beyonce. I don't resent my Japanese heritage, but it definately didn't bless me with the hips or butt a salsa dancer dreams of...Que lastima!)

1. Cartoon Eyes

Okay, this isn't the best side by side comparison, I had a difficult time finding a good cartoon picture. But I'm sure you are familiar with the cartoon eyes I'm talking about. They are often featured in such church publications as The Friend. Perfect little arched windows and completely flat across the bottom. I must give credit to Liz for introducing me to Erin's natural talent at imitating cartoon eyes. I'm not quite up to Erin's level but maybe a close 2nd or 3rd. Although I probably have the advantage of a large noggin to complete the cartoonish look.

2. Chihiro, from Miyazaki's Spirited Away

Uncanny resemblance! Am I right or am I right? Definitely a face I think I use on a daily basis. In fact, I used it just the other day. As I was out for a run I dashed across an intersection as the light was turning yellow. I quickly glanced at the driver of the vehicle to my side, (he was undoubtedly annoyed I had not yielded to the red hand of the cross walk), and flashed him the, "Oops! Bad judgement call on my part, sorry!" look.

3. Candace Cameron, aka: DJ Tanner from Full House

Don't let me influence your votes, but I must say this is probably the comparison I resent most! I hated people telling me I looked like DJ Tanner growing up. I always considered DJ the slightly chubby insecure older sister of the Tanner family, thus I did not like being told I looked like her. Unfortunately I don't have any younger pictures of myself here at my apartment...but then again people tell me I look pretty much the same now as when I was 5yrs old! (Yes, I also love comments like this, "Oh you're graduating this year, that's great! Now which high school are you at?")

4. Julia Stiles, from such great feature films as The Prince and I (now re-read that with a bit more sarcasm in your voice)

Okay, that was a low blow to Julia. I apologize, I've never actually seen that particular movie, so I can't judge. Additionally, she has been in some good films. However I still don't like the comparison. Don't ask me I said before, I'm just bitter I didn't come out looking a little more like J-Lo.

Okay, that's all I got. Is there any other fictional cartoon character's I'm missing? Wait, I have another real quick story for you. Once upon a time there was a boy in my ward who looked EXACTLY like Kevin James from The King of Queens. So naturally I approached him to state the obvious. Wow, that was a mistake! Without so much as a courtesy grin he rolled his eyes and replied with such a rude sarcastic tone, "Yeah, haven't heard that one before!". In light of this experience, although I may sound bitter...I applaud myself for always responding in a very politely resentful manner. With that said you may now cast your votes in my comments section :)

PS- feel free to vote for cartoon eyes or Chihiro, I would love it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A note to my readers:

Oh dearest and devoted fan base,

Despite the fact most of my siblings and even my own mother have not even glanced at my newly founded blog, I have no doubts the rest of you are checking this blog daily in anticipation of my next great post. I think it's only fair I try to post at least one weekly column for your viewing pleasure. I'm not trying to make excuses for myself, but I seem to be extremely busy this week...thus I must make the most of my time by multi-tasking and "blog-storming" during my health promotion class. Here are a few ideas of possible up coming attractions:

-visual comparisons of my cartoon eyes and bobble head to that of Japanese animate
-a re-post of my acute tonsillitis for any of those who missed it the first time
-quirky confessions of an aspiring salsa snob

Okay, so that's all I can remember at the moment from the 2 1/2 hours of "blog-storming" during class. I think it was definitely time well spent...don't you!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Why I wear BIG earrings

Due to all the heckiling and commentary I recieve...I thought I'd defend my position.

Why I wear BIG earrings:

  1. They’re sexy!!
  2. They give the illusion you are a little more put together than you actually are. This is because earrings are like icing on a cake…not only did that girl get dressed, but she took the time to coordinate an actual outfit, as evidenced by accessories. (Little do they know I haven’t washed my hair in three days!)
  3. I’ve gotten used to it and quite frankly I feel a little naked without them.
  4. I’ve inherited an abnormally large head from my Japanese heritage, (this has been confirmed by several loved ones…yeah, my family is real sensitive like that :) Thus I have a special need to wear large earrings which help dwarf my head size closer to that of an average human being.
  5. Sometimes I like to pretend I’m high maintenance, (then I remember I live paycheck to paycheck as a part time PE teacher)
  6. People notice them, and I freely admit I love to be the center of attention.
  7. They can dress up any outfit…literally, jeans, t-shirts, sweats, the possibilities are endless.
  8. They make great souvenirs.
  9. Bigger is better!
  10. They exude confidence. Whether or not I’m lacking self esteem, other people are inevitable thinking…wow, that girl’s earring’s are ridiculously large, what makes her think she can pull that off? She must be really confident. Okay, they're probably really thinking...that would really hurt if one of those got snagged on her backpack and ripped through her earlobe...but what can I say??? I live on the edge!
Well folks, that about sums it up, if you have any further questions about my personal mannerisms, habits, quirks, or just life with an abnormally large head feel free to ask.

Friday, March 14, 2008

"Looks like a couple of scientists gone off the deep end to me!" - Grandpa

Okay I'll limit myself to just two posts today. But like I previously mentioned...I really have been brainstorming for this blog and it's taking a great deal of self restraint not to keep yapping away. Besides, I'm in the process of building my devoted fan base. Therefore I needed to post something for my visitors who could care less about anything I have to say but are spending a momentary 5 seconds scrolling for some interesting pictures. Hopefully this will be a sufficient lure for a subsequent visit.

The endearing title is a direct quote from my darling grandfather upon viewing a few pictures from my lab at school! In all honestly he may be half correct...judge for yourself. But please be honest...crazy or not it looks like a butt load of fun! So with no further ado behold the play ground of the exercise physiologists :)

Ah, microdialysis probes. How many hours of my life I have slaved away over a microscope carefully constructing perfectly profusing probes such as the ones you see here. They are carefully inserted directly beneath the skin by use of a 4 inch long spinal tap needle! Straight up!

Our next photo takes us a step we have covered the sites of the microdialysis probes with really cool scientific gadgets measuring sweat rate and skin blood flow. I love the highly technical makeshift base holding the laser doppler probes and miniature humidity chambers in place with mole know the stuff you put on blisters when hiking.

Featured next is one of my all time favorites! Please note the tubing protruding from the subjects nose. You guessed is indeed the beloved esophageal probe measuring body core temperature. Please read all directions prior to installation:

1. Length of tubing inserted through the nasal passage is to be 1/4 your body height
2. Take precaution to eat a light breakfast prior to insertion of esophageal probe as many individuals are prone to strong gag reflexes causing them to vomit.
3. Begin insertion through your preferred nostril, (right or left), tilt head back and continue to thread probe down the back of your throat.
4. It may be helpful to have a small glass of water and swallow frequently to overcome the natural tendency to gag. (it's often wise to keep a trash can near by)
5. Continue to thread probe down the esophagus until you reach your marked length. The end of the probe will be about heart level.
6. Secure probe to nose with tape to keep it from sliding further in or out and to make for lovely black mail photos.

In action on the recumbent cycle ergometer...

Yours truely modeling the latest and greatest in Go-Go-Gadget technology. This little servo-controlled hand heater powered by none other than Vidal Sassoon (quite literally...your basic hair dryer) can keep the skin temperature constant at your preferred degree!

Last but not least....drum roll please....please behold MAN VS. LOWER BODY NEGATIVE PRESSURE. Even though most of you are saying...I don't know what the crap you're talking looks cool doesn't it??? And believe me it is. This contraption was custom designed and built to apply suction to your lower extremities causing the blood to pool in your legs. If you're not careful the subject may eventually pass out. It's used to study the regulation of cardiac output, blood pressure, and heart rate responses. Please note the fancy plexiglass cover for you're viewing pleasure of some guy's hairy thighs! (no offense Dan, I'm obviously not referring to you since you shave your legs :)

I'd like to extend a special thanks to those who have volunteered their time as subjects in the lab. My sincere apologies go out to any those close friends or family members who I may have a.) caused to vomit (Spen and Steph), b.) swear my name as they lie ill on the floor in the fetal position (Lizzardo), or c.) stuck a tendon with an 18gage needle rather than the intended blood vessel. Science has benefited from your sweat, tears, and vomit!! (In my defense all three of the listed subjects were given monetary compensation for their sacrifice, not tendon boy but it wasn't that bad, he's just a bit of a cry baby, jk)

My Contribution to Society

Okay people, I've finally decided to jump on the band wagon and create my own personal blog! I know this is a momentous occasion for many of you. To be quite honest I felt I was doing the world a disservice by not sharing my wit, humor, and gruesomely disturbing pictures and occasional thoughts. I know what you're thinking..."you're so vain, you probably think this blog is about you". Well fortunately for me IT IS, so for all you people who question what's really going on inside my's a small glimpse into the mind of the guera salsera.

I really have been debating about this blog for some time. Mostly because all the other bloggers I know focus their blogs around a.) their children (which I have yet to have any...although I'm told by my friend Steph all I need is a donor) or b.) their obsessive hobbies/interests. While you may be thinking I have quite a few obsessive interests myself, (salsa, wakeboarding, running, swimming, flirting, hiking, slacking), you may fail to see how this poses a problem?? Well, I didn't want to be limited to only posting about salsa, (although I'm sure many could attest to my ability to fill an entire blog with only this topic) or my latest dating woes, etc. Then I had a rather obvious epiphany...I can write about what ever the sam hill I please! After all it is my blog.

However, being an individual of constant turmoil and endless indecisiveness about the most trivial of matters in life, my problem ceased to be solved. As I excitedly brainstormed about the many wickedly awesome and hilarious posts I had in store for my future blog, and how I would undoubtedly have an exponentially growing foundation of devoted readers (don't worry...I've prepped myself for the let down on this one), I realized something; many of my stories may come off slightly offensive to either my friends, fellow salseros, family, or peers. Obviously I needed to decide upon my audience beforehand and cater to the specific needs of my soon to be growing fan base. Now I was back to the problem of being limited in my subject matter (I realize I am now starting to sound slightly crazy).

Well, this type of a thought process continued for many moons...I ultimately found no solution to my problem but have decided to blog regardless...with complete disregard of potentially disclosing too many detail of my life to my parents or highly conservative aunt So-J (aren't you tickled to be specifically mentioned by nickname!), or accidentally uprooting my good standing in the local salsa scene. Oh well, asi es la vida!