Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My boyfriend bought me a ring!

Yes, I am slacker. Or as Yoda would say...slacker I am. The rumors are true I am officially engaged. It is a miracle even I thought would never happen :) ...and yes, to the very same boyfriend who did not care for my body spray.

Background deets on the fiance:

For those who don't know I met Chris in my research lab. He came in to earn $50 by sacrificing his body to science. Needless to say he thought I was totally cute from the start. As I was verbally encouraging Chris to run through the next stage of his VO2 max test one of the Doctoral students said, "yeah, if you make it to the next stage Crystelle will go on a date with you". I started blushing when I glanced over at Chris and he pretended to start running faster in order to secure a date with me. I was totally embarrassed!! Here I was trying to act all professional and scientific like and it was being turned into some flirt fest!

Well, shortly after this incidence Chris approached my friend Stephanie and told her he was interested in asking me out. Stephanie agreed to "feel out the situation"...which just meant she'd just ask me if I was interested. Seriously, boys are so naive.

To be honest I was having a bit of a stress disorder at this time in my life...please see my previous post on trench mouth for details. I wasn't opposed to going out, it was just bad timing. I was slaving like 14 hours a day in the lab and having sporadic emotional break downs. But being a 25 year old single co-ed at BYU did I really have a choice?? So Stephanie gave Chris the green light.

On Chris's next visit to the lab he attempted to strike up a conversation with me about snow boarding. I was pretty sure he wanted to ask me out but I was just not feeling it at the moment. So I played the avoidance card. I started acting distracted and busy with my research. Yeah, he basically didn't think I was very cool at this point...and lets be honest I wasn't.

Christmas break came and went and for whatever reason when we got back to school Chris still wanted to ask me out! He started to gmail chat with my friend Steph one day as I was working in the lab. He told Stephanie he's like to take me snow shoeing. I told Stephanie to tell Chris, "she'd probably really like that." I proceeded to direct the conversation from Stephanie's end un-beknown to Chris. By the end of the conversation I had set of a lovely double date with my best friend and knew Chris would be calling to ask me out later that day. Go me! I must say he was quite fooled by my acting skills as he called later that day I pretended to be totally in the dark.

So there you have it. We went snow shoeing on our first was awesome. The only weird thing was he was still my research subject. When he came into the lab three days after our first date I had to ask him to take his shirt off and provide me with a small urine sample in order to ensure his hydration status! Don't worry, I played it off very professionally. From then on we went on a couple more dates spaced a few days apart. Chris finished my research study and then kept frequenting the lab to say hi. We were pretty much inseparable by the fourth date.

Chris proposed by sending me on a totally cute little scavenger hunt. I was supposed to meet him at his apartment for dinner but instead I found his roommate with a rose and a message leading me to the research lab where we first met. Once I got the rose I knew Chris was proposing. After all we had already picked out a ring together, I caught him in the act of sneaking my father's phone number, and I knew he was chomping at the bit to pop the question. I proceeded over to the research lab where I met my roommate Annie with another rose and clue. Her note sent me to the grocery store as it holds some sentimental value for our early courtship...Chris being sick...then me being sick...then Chris being sick again...then me being sick again. Stephanie and her husband met me by the cough syrup.

You may ask yourself what I was thinking at this point. It was like I was being proposed to in slow was happening but very slowly!! I had a 10 minute commute between destinations and still no Chris or ring! The nerves finally got to me and I had stop and use the restroom at Macey's. Not because I had to go to the bathroom...just out of fear I might wet my pants when I finally saw Chris and he got down on one knee.

The next destination was Goodwood BBQ, the location of our first date. Here I was given the clue to my final location. Southfork park up Provo Canyon. We had gone snow shoeing there on Valentines day and it is serenely located in the mountains. As I was driving up the canyon I kept thinking:

"This is so surreal, what should I be doing? Should I be crying? Perhaps it's a little premature for that and I don't want to force the tears, I think those should come naturally. Well, what should I be listening to? Surely not Lady Gaga...she will NOT be the soundtrack to my engagement!"

Well after changing the radio station about 15 times I decided Lady Gaga WAS the soundtrack to my engagement because there was nothing else worth listening to and I felt awkward turning the radio off. Luckily half way up the canyon Beyonce's new song Halo came on and then the radio cut out.

Finally I turned into the parking lot of Southfork. I was frantically searching for his car or perhaps a candle lit dinner? I found neither but finally spotted a lone ranger standing by the side of the road. It was Chris, I pulled over and gave him a hug. He took me on a little walk through the park to a little footbridge where a bouquet of flowers awaited me with one more card. As I read thought it the water works started and when I finished Chris got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was totally sweet. We relished the moment with hot chocolate and a blanket in the grass. It was perfect.

Behold the Ring:

So there you go. Sorry this was a very long post I will try to frequent some shorter nonsense in the near future. Sonja's got the wheels a turning in my head from all her postage.