Saturday, October 24, 2009

Newly Weds

I thought I'd post some pictures from our honey moon and other adventures lately. For those who don't know we went to the beautiful island of Kauai. Behold.

This next photo pretty much sums up the vacation... nothing better than lounging on baby floaty's at the hotel pool!

We soon became masters of the grill and enjoyed fine dining as a result!

This is me about to face a 250 ft stretch of zipline...the second of seven ziplines we did that day.

Check out Chris' action photography as he speeds down the line, ha, ha!

We had to try just about every flavor of gelato before making a decision. You will also note the lack of effort gone into doing my hair, it's useless when you get in the water every couple of hours.
We were privileged to behold the the wild life on the isle.

And guava was found in abundance out in the jungle.

We were greeted with a lovely Hawain Luau back in California upon our return home thanks to Chris' parents.

This is our old and beloved first dining room table featuring udon noodles and spinach salad. My brother and sister in law got us these awesome ramen bowls for our wedding complete with chopsticks and adorable little cherry blossom chopstick holders. YUM!

Our second weekend at home we didn't just hiked, but backpacked up Timpanogos with some of Chris' old college roommates and their wives. All in all it was pretty difficult but definitely worth it! You can't see stars like that from down in the valley.

We were also lucky enough to stumble upon some hunters and their prized mountain goat!! If you zoom in on this baby you can see the blood dripping from the goat's nose onto the hem of that dude's pants. Sweet!

We have continued our grilling tradition... a homemade fire roasted tomatoe onion soup.

A little mud mask rest and relaxation to counteract the stress of school.

That about sums things up!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Behold the Alleged Mosquito Bite!

Might I remind you I did not lay so much as a finger nail on that thing...literally!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Police Beat

I apologize I have not yet posted the picture of my allergic reaction to the West Nile assailant. And for those asking for wedding pictures I have not gotten those back yet either. Thank you for your interest. In other interesting news and for those of you who have been out of the BYU scene for a while let me fill you in on the latest Police Beat. That's right, BYU is a hub of suspicious activity and disorderly conduct so much so that it warrants a special section of the Daily Universe every Wednesday.

I will share with you the highlights from today's paper, my own commentary in red:


October 6th: A suspicious looking backpack and lunch box were reported to be on Maeser Hill. Police came, but they did not find anything.

Seriously? No, seriously?? No worries, there were only about four other reports in which the police arrived only to find no signs of anything suspicious. Perhaps the best was when a snake, thought to be a common garter snake, was spotted on a walk way on the south end of campus. There was no sign of the snake when police arrived. Who is calling and reporting such nonsense? Throw a rock at the snake and it'll slither back where it came from! Did you actually expect the snake to wait around until officers arrived? Glad the police are staying so busy.


October 6th: A bike was stolen from a woman at her home in Provo a few months ago. She found it at the Tanner Building and stole it back. She left a note for the thief to give her a call, but she did not receive one.

Ha, this not funny to anyone else? Why did she want the thief to call her?? I wouldn't give a thief my phone number.


October 4th: The Wyview Park apartments has ongoing criminal mischief under investigation. Someone keeps spreading things such as wet cat food, dish soap and peanut butter on people's doors using a toilet plunger.

How do they know they are using a toilet plunger?? Is the plunger left as well? Does the suspect keep buying new plungers every night?

Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. Chris and I like to make up our own police beats just for fun. For example:


October 14th: A BYU student was walking home from school along 800 North. A car drove by and a passenger in the vehicle threw something out the window. The foreign projectile hit the BYU student in the face. When officers arrived on scene the car was not to be found. The missile was believed to be a Skittle. No injuries were sustained by the victim of the drive by.

Oh wait...that really happened!! Who reports a drive by Skittling??

September 5th: A student's bike was stolen from the RB bike racks. The student reportedly locked his bike up at the end of April before leaving to do summer sales in California. When the student returned to school in September the bike was not to be found.

Never mind, we don't have to make this stuff up...people are actually that stupid. This was actually from one of the newspapers as well. Yo dummy, you're bike was probably impounded by the school. You can't leave your bike for 4 months and expect it to be waiting for you when you get back!