Saturday, February 27, 2010

Great Give Away

Yes, I'm exploiting my blog at the chance of winning something free (really cute hand crafted baby goodness from BooBoo and Norm's). No this is no type of pregnancy announcement. But it's a really great give away for all you mom's or just other baby crazy aunts like myself. Plus my friend Sarah is like a master coupon those wanting to get into that can learn from the master. Check it all out at Sarah's blog

Friday, February 19, 2010

Good Idea Bad Idea

Well, as much as I would like to post funny stories about my job...I recently heard this big fuss over some high school student starting a Facebook hate group about a teacher. People are so dumb these days and I'm afraid to post anything that could incriminate me. Please call me for updates on the teaching. It's been quite interesting. Let me just share one small thing...

This is how one of my students spelled the word skeletal on her quiz...skelitail. Ha, funny.

Well I do have one other amusing story. Me and Chris have now been married for 6 months!! We have slowly made progress on our little apartment. We started by sleeping on an air mattress for 2 months and watching movies on my laptop. When the air mattress finally sprung a leak I gave into the idea of dropping some cash on a bed (yes, I have problems). We graduated to watching movies on our newly purchased and beloved bed. Then we finally inherited a television and now watch movies sitting on the carpet in our living room. Well, we finally got a hand-me-down sofa. This is where my story begins.

We actually had two couch offers at about the same time. A plaid green and white love seat that had the loving touch of a rambunctious two year old. It was in fairly good condition but a little bit of spilled Koolaid, a touch of Crayola, and more than a few grimy finger prints. The other a full length simple black sofa. Our first choice was the black sofa...but we were informed it may not become available until late April. After dragging my feet in the mud for a while, not bothering to ask someone if I could borrow their truck, I was forced to make a decision on the plaid love seat. Because it was free, and I wasn't given any confirmation on the black sofa, I decided I better not pass it up.

I arranged to borrow a truck from my cousin and we went and picked it up. Then I had a great idea. Chris gets the upholstery of his car cleaned annually over at the local car wash. What would be the difference in cleaning a couch?? So we drove our couch over to the car wash and asked if we could pay the same $30 fee to have the couch cleaned in the same fashion. They thought this was a strange request but consented. Well, my mark of genius soon went down hill. When we came out to view the couch, it was in a standing puddle of water. Saturated through and through! What were we to do with this sopping mess?? Where were we to put it while it dried? Not to mention it didn't really look much cleaner.

Come to find out, they decided to power spray the cushions with water! IDIOTS! This is NOT how they clean the interior of your car!!! Of course we couldn't really complain...I mean they didn't actually advertise any specialty in the cleaning of used couches. Well, we packed up our dripping mess of a couch and went home. We carted it into the communal laundry room to drip dry. Meanwhile I decided the cushions were not at all clean and began to fill my bathtub with laundry detergent. As I was up to my elbows in suds and saturated couch cushions I discovered the cushion covers simply zip off. That's right, all I had to do was zip off the covers and throw them in the washing machine! I am an IDIOT! Well, after four days of drip drying in our bath tub the cushions were finally dry. The couch frame had dried as well and the covers came out of the washing machine practically brand new!

Then no later than three days after this escapade my friend Cassie called me and told me her mother was indeed getting rid of the black sofa. IRONY. Oh well, anyone in the market for used couches please learn from my stupidity. Do not take your couch to the car wash!