Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Frazzle McDazzle

So one of my close girl friends from college just shared a totally romantic picture of her boyfriend without his shirt on kissing her in front of a waterfall. The caption over the photo was "Is this real life?". Uh, yeah, that's exactly what I'm thinking right about now but on the opposite side of the spectrum.

Is THIS real life?

Uh, yes, yes it is, you have mutated into Mrs. Frazzle

I graduated with all my friends back in 2005. SIX years later I am now the only one of my friends STILL in college and living in my parents house. Hmmm, not quite how I envisioned my future. I realize I've turned into the ultimate Debby Downer over the past two years with my introduction into responsible adulthood. It's been rough...growing up that is. Probably why I put it off so long.

Ha, ha, have to share a quick funny experience. So I was asked to speak in church a couple weeks ago and of course ended up writing my talk on Sunday morning. I started with the classic tradition of sharing some of my personal background in order to kill a few minutes. I briefly disclosed my dark educational past and tried to make a joke by cautioning the youth not to follow in my footsteps. Well a couple days later at a ward BBQ a lady came up to me and told me she enjoyed my talk.

Lady: "You know I really enjoyed your talk on Sunday."

Me: "Thank you. It really was a fun oppor..."

Lady: "Yeah, I was really hoping that my daughter was listening."

Me: "Well that's really kind of..."

Lady: "Yeah, my daughter just loves school and keeps taking all these classes but just doesn't really know what she's planning to do with her education when she graduates."

Me: "Oh...", awkward pause of shock, "...yeah you know everyone tells you college is so important but I guess you really need to have some direction and goals in mind."

Lady: "Yeah, I mean classes are just so expensive. Her father and I don't really want to keep paying for them."

Me: courtesy laugh, "Ha...yep school can really rack up a bill."

Yeah, I was a bit taken back by her comments. Apparently she didn't catch on that I was trying to make a JOKE! In my defense I payed my own way through college! Yes I occasionally went shopping in my mother's fridge and received a few generous charitable donations from loving grandparents and a good aunt. But I pretty much paid every last dime for books, tuition, housing, food, health care, etc. myself! Additionally I admit I've taken the long road, okay the LONGEST road, but I have also learned quite a bit and had some great experiences along the way. Okay, enough wasting time...I've got to get back to Ms. Frazzle-land and study for my pharmacology quiz.