Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Mosquitoes Strike Again

This unprovoked act of criminal battery actually happened back in August. Chris and I were out for a Sunday evening stroll through the park. On our way home we were only five minutes away from the apartment when the mosquito struck. It landed square between my eyes on the delicate flat bridge of my Japanese nose before sinking it's snout (??) into my flesh and beginning to suck the life giving sweet, sweet nectar from my systemic capillaries. I realized what was happening just in time to seek my revenge on the pesky little thug by smashing his guts under the edge of my left index fingernail...but the damage had already been done.

Chris ignored my whiny complaints of an unbearable itching and rapidly swelling nose following the incident on Sunday evening. Even after documenting my slow but steady transformation into an Avatar looking creature Chris insisted the swelling would subside with the application of a small amount of topical hydrocortisone cream and claimed not to notice any deformation of my facial features.

Unfortunately I failed to document the aftermath the next morning that bore a strong resemblance to Quasimodo. When Chris woke up to my screams of horror from the bathroom the next morning he finally decided I was not being over dramatic about the situation and ran off to the drugs store at 6 am to get me Benadryl. I then proceeded to work where I got several exclamations of, "what happened to your face??", and "Is there something wrong with your nose"? This is the second allergic reaction I've had to a mosquito bite and I live in fear of a future encounter. Until then...enjoy the pictures of my afflicted state on Sunday evening entitled...Avatar. I'll also post a picture from our 1 year anniversary back in August because I've been seriously lacking in the photo department as of late and need to prove I don't normally look like an Avatar.

This was within the first hour of being bit...again no picture of the full effect.

One year anniversary!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Teaching Strategies 101

Teaching Strategies 101:

Q: What if I can't answer a students question?
A: This is an easy one, just take your pick from one of my top three responses
  1. Well, you're first choice is to make something up. As the teacher you are revered as the authority and they will believe most everything you tell them. I know this because of all the myths I've debunked that were taught by other instructors. Gosh darn it's hard being the competent one :)
  2. Respond with thought, intrigue, and humility. "Hmmmm, yes, well that is a very good question Tiny Tim. I actually don't know the answer. I know this may come as a surprise but I don't know all things...just most things."
  3. Use scientific limitations to your advantage. "Well, you know...I don't think there is yet a scientific explanation for that. Perhaps you should pursue a doctorate and research this topic further.

Q: How can I more fully enjoy my experience as a teacher?

A: To best enjoy your teaching experience you must take full advantage of your captive audience. Following are a few examples of things I've done.

  1. Make sure to share all stories and personal opinions you didn't get to share with the family over Sunday dinner last night.
  2. Incorporate all gruesome pictures from your personal blog, (the ones you couldn't get your friends and family to look at) into your PowerPoint presentations.
  3. Assign research articles that support your personal opinions as homework assignments.

I have run out of time today but hope you have enjoyed the brief question and answer sessions that was provided. Please feel free to submit any remaining questions in the comments section and I will do my best to reply in a timely fashion.