Saturday, March 30, 2013

20 Week Dr. Appointment

Wow...posting on my blog twice in 1 week, I must be really board :)  In reality I am really board.  Chris is at work and I am preparing for four 12 hour night shifts in a row.  That is 48+ hours I will put in by Wednesday at 7am...UGH.  Not looking forward to it.

We had our 20 week midwife appointment this week.  I have gained 9 lbs so far.  My goal was not to tip the scale past 10 lbs.  I haven't been dieting or anything, just crossing my fingers.  Pretty sure I even did the victory fist pump when I stepped off the scale.

We were also hoping to get our little lady checked out on ultra-sound.  However that didn't happen.  It was mostly a shame on us as parents type situation.  I realized we have not been into the office in 8 weeks!  Oops.  At our last appointment, (which we never made) they would have given us a script for an ultra-sound, but since we never came in...that never happened.  Everyone kept asking us, "Why haven't you been in for 8 weeks"?  Well, what it boils down to is... I have no good reason...I just never made an appointment.  I have been preoccupied with recovering from the cruize, construction at the house, and getting back into the swing of work.  I didn't mention the that I felt my last appointment was relatively useless.  Did I just say that?  Oops again.

Not sure what I was expecting from these appointments but seriously last time we were there the CNA student took my weight and blood pressure (don't worry, Chris and I had to help her figure out how to use the blood pressure cuff).  The midwife then asked me if I had any concerns and palpated my stomach for 2 seconds to find the fundal height.  That was it!  I'm sure that is what my patients feel like at the hospital..."Useless nurse, you took my temperature and palpated my pulses...big deal!"  :)

JK, kinda.  I know it's important stuff but also relatively simple...unless there is actually a problem.  I promise not to miss any more appoinments, mostly bc my motherly guilt is kicking in.  It was nice to hear baby girl's heart beat, just kinda make sure she is alive in there.  I'm pretty good at distinguishing her little movements now but they are remarkable close to grumbling intestinal peristalsis.

Monday, March 25, 2013

20 weeks

We finally took our first "here is my baby bumb" picture.  I decided even if I feel like a fat cow we would some day want to look back at the progression of my tummy.  Since there are about 3 people who look at this blog it was a safer place to post than facebook.  Enjoy.

I have also bought fabric for our little girl's baby blanket and have in my posession a pattern for a blessing dress.   I seriously struggle with decisions so I am pretty happy to be done picking out fabric.  However, after looking over the pattern for the dress I am feeling in over my head...dont understand 90% of the instructions.  But we shall see what happens.

Goals:  No new goals right now...need to work on the sewing projects.  Also the construction mess we have been living in for the past 2 months is almost over so my goal for April is spring cleaning (our house flooded back in January... like BAD).  It's going to take me the whole month to get the house back in order, quite literally, but I am looking forward to a dust free environment, multiple trips to DI, and organized closet spaces :)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The 2nd Trimester

I am officially into my second trimester!!!  So excited to be feeling better and not gagging every time I get a whiff of Chris's deodorant :)

I am officially finishing my 16th week.  I have gained 7 lbs already since my pre-pregnancy weight...YIKES.  It's been a long time since I have seen such a high number on the scale and it is scary despite the fact I'm pregnant.  I am no longer unsure if my stomach looks bigger, it definitely looks bigger, but not really to the point where I could show it off and people would assume I was pregnant.  I am starting to feel like Tweedle Dee...

Exactly...if he wears the waist line on his pants below his tummy they may fall completely off.  Are you understanding my dilemma?  My church skirts are becoming very tight and again not sure what the solution is, I need help in this arena.

I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from pregnancy cravings.  I mean, who doesn't want to eat chicken nuggets, pizza, coke, or chocolate cake for breakfast when given the option?  However I think I am definitely starting to experience some more intense food cravings than before.

Craving #1:  Olive Garden Salad
I'm usually opinionated but not too picky when it comes to going out to eat.  However last week I was unable to get Olive Garden salad off my's was like a plague upon my mind.  I was thinking about it daily.  I decided I must give in or the temptation would never go away.  Chris and I finished off the first salad bowl together.  I then asked the waitress for another.  Chris started in on his entree and I tried a bite or two of the chicken I had ordered but just could not get enough of that salad.  By the time we got dessert on the table I still had my salad plate in front of me.  Pretty sure the waitress thought I was insane when 45 minutes into our meal I was still eating salad while my entree remained virtually untouched and my dessert was pushed off to the side.  I let Chris finish my dessert while I helped myself to more salad.  By the time we left I had almost eaten the entire second salad bowl myself!  It was just so good.

Craving # 2:  Kraft Mac-N-Cheese
That's right, mac-n-cheese.  I probably haven't eaten it in about 15 years but it just popped into my head one day and I have been obsessing over it.  Chris swears I would NEVER let myself succumb to such a processed high calorie food in the past and he is 100% correct.  So yesterday after I finished working out at the gym we headed to the grocery store and I indulged myself yet again...and I must say I was NOT disappointed.  YUM...again, felt like I couldn't get enough.  Tasted just like I imagined and remembered.

I'm happy to report I have gotten back into exercising and it feels great!  I started trying to jog about 4 weeks ago and it was pretty tough.  I mostly walked with intermittent jogging at 5 mph on the treadmill for about 2 miles.  I wasn't really expecting or aiming to gain much endurance since I knew I would be growing in size but none the less I have surprised myself.  Last week I was up to 3 miles jogging consistently at about 5-6 mph the whole time and feeling awesome!

I have a second ultra sound this week as part of the research study I am participating in so we should be able to find out the baby's gender on Thursday!  We are pretty excited and I have decided to try and make a blessing outfit for the baby when I find out if it is a boy or girl.