Saturday, March 30, 2013

20 Week Dr. Appointment

Wow...posting on my blog twice in 1 week, I must be really board :)  In reality I am really board.  Chris is at work and I am preparing for four 12 hour night shifts in a row.  That is 48+ hours I will put in by Wednesday at 7am...UGH.  Not looking forward to it.

We had our 20 week midwife appointment this week.  I have gained 9 lbs so far.  My goal was not to tip the scale past 10 lbs.  I haven't been dieting or anything, just crossing my fingers.  Pretty sure I even did the victory fist pump when I stepped off the scale.

We were also hoping to get our little lady checked out on ultra-sound.  However that didn't happen.  It was mostly a shame on us as parents type situation.  I realized we have not been into the office in 8 weeks!  Oops.  At our last appointment, (which we never made) they would have given us a script for an ultra-sound, but since we never came in...that never happened.  Everyone kept asking us, "Why haven't you been in for 8 weeks"?  Well, what it boils down to is... I have no good reason...I just never made an appointment.  I have been preoccupied with recovering from the cruize, construction at the house, and getting back into the swing of work.  I didn't mention the that I felt my last appointment was relatively useless.  Did I just say that?  Oops again.

Not sure what I was expecting from these appointments but seriously last time we were there the CNA student took my weight and blood pressure (don't worry, Chris and I had to help her figure out how to use the blood pressure cuff).  The midwife then asked me if I had any concerns and palpated my stomach for 2 seconds to find the fundal height.  That was it!  I'm sure that is what my patients feel like at the hospital..."Useless nurse, you took my temperature and palpated my pulses...big deal!"  :)

JK, kinda.  I know it's important stuff but also relatively simple...unless there is actually a problem.  I promise not to miss any more appoinments, mostly bc my motherly guilt is kicking in.  It was nice to hear baby girl's heart beat, just kinda make sure she is alive in there.  I'm pretty good at distinguishing her little movements now but they are remarkable close to grumbling intestinal peristalsis.

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Stephanie said...

Don't worry, you will start to notice a big difference between her kicks and your digestive track very soon. I hate going in to those checkups just because it makes me realize how much I have actually gained! But start going to your appointments! It's important!!!