Saturday, April 13, 2013

April Update

This post is going to be all sorts of random...just stuff we've been up to.  We took my parents on a mini vacation down to St. George and Zion's National Park last week.  My mom's compulsive nature to work compels her to clean, cook, garden, re-caulk the sinks, paint the base boards, etc...whenever she visits.  So we decided it best that she spend her vacation time away from the Salt Lake House while she visited.  It was a great idea and my mom really enjoyed it.  

Here we are at the top of Angel's Landing.  PS- I have done this hike 4 times now and NEVER EVER EVER have run into such a crowd of people climbing to the top, do not hike this during spring break.  For those Everest obsessed like I, you will catch my drift when I said, "It looks like the freakin Hilary Step up there"!  I was really proud of my mom for climbing despite her fear of heights, my dad for making it to the tops despite his old man knee's, altitude sickness, and out of "shapeness", and me for making it to the top being 21 weeks pregnant.  I am also proud of Chris but we all knew he would have no trouble.  

This is really not doing justice to how HUGE I have gotten...but it would be highly inappropriate to post a picture of me getting out of the shower.  That's a horrifying site.

We were reminded the drop off the top is 1400 vertical feet!  So awesome.

My mom definitely made the most of our 1 day in Zion's National Park...she was bound and determined to do as much hiking as possible.  My mom and Chris hiked 4 different hikes for a total of 9.5 miles.  I tagged along for 3 of the 4 hikes for 8.5 miles until my feet would have no more.  My dad did 2 of the 4 hikes for a total of 7.5 miles.

In other news we will try our hand at gardening again, we have not had much success in the past.  I meant to start all these little seeds back in March but didn't get to it until this week.  Here what we hope to grow

Sweet Basil
Lemon Basil
Egg Plant
Cherry Tomatoes
Roma Tomatoes
Better Boy Tomatoes
Bell Peppers

And I spent my time off this week.  I was naively thinking I would be able to relax and spend my time off working on a baby blanket.  Instead we were informed by the contractor that the whole upstairs and downstairs would be carpeted the very next day (we thought they would be done on separate days).  Thus I spent my whole weekend moving boxes out to the deck and into the only livable space in the house (the kitchen and living room)...rendering them un-livable...and then frantically moving them back inside the next day before it rained and we had to go back to work.  Not sure if that made sense but it was sucky.
the pile of boxes we moved out to the deck and covered over night with a tarp

the kitchen...we ended up getting pizza for dinner

what use to be the only place to sit down in the house

So my plans for Spring cleaning this month have not even begun.  Looks like it will be pushed back until May.  Construction sucks.

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Ali said...

Embrace your pregnant body, its a miracle and beautiful to us!