Monday, December 14, 2009

Through my teaching experience at BYU I often find myself questioning how a number of the students in my classes

a) even got accepted to BYU, and
b) how they pass their other classes???

Let me share...

For my swimming classes the students are required to write a two page paper explaining how to do two of the four competitive strokes and also mention two drills that have helped them improve each stroke. (I did not make up with these assignments's a department course syllabus)

Anyhow these excerpts from two papers I received, my comments in red;

"Since this paper has no argument, thesis or analysis to present, we're going to assume that informal is okay, and go from there. I will now describe Freestyle and some accompanying drills, followed immediately by a repeat performance featuring the backstroke.Ready, go! ...

(He proceeds to spout off some incorrect information about Freestyle)...With the legs, one does what is called a "Scissor Kick" to propel oneself through the water... (NOOOO!!! This is probably why your swimming do not listen or implement anything I've tried to teach you. Freestyle is swam with a flutter kick! It is NOT the same thing. He concludes talking about backstroke)...

A great way to improve technique is to wait until the pushing arm has returned to one's side before lifting the other arm. It, uh, improves technique. Yup. One can also swim on one's side with the top arm to the side and the lower arm extended in front, in order to , uh, improve, uh, one's torso rotation...ability. Yes. And that is the end of the paper. The End." Holy crap kid, you're in college! I don't care if it is a paper for a half credit PE class. Please reserve verbal pauses and "..." for blogs and emails, and futhermore you have completely solidified the fact that you don't know what you're talking about! Weird. That's all I can say.

Okay, this next paper screams illiterate freshman or something? Enjoy the introduction.

"During the summers, community swimming pools are completely crowded. There are people swimming laps, leaping off diving boards, and sliding down slides. The crazy crowds die down once Fall and Winter hit; except for the few athletes that stay behind. Swimming is an addictive sport, it exercises almost every muscle in the human body when properly performed. There are four main strokes invovled: backstroke, breaststoke, butterfly, and freestlye." Um, what the crap??? I'm no english major but what the heck do crowded swimming pools and crazy crowds have to do with your butterfly technique. Ha, ha...I seriously had to re-read the intro like twice to see if I missed some type of transition or parallel.

Friday, December 4, 2009


I defend!!! Actually by the time most of you read this it will be over. I defend my master's thesis in 1 hour and yes I am slightly nervous. But extremely thrilled...there were several times when I doubted if I would ever make it to this day. I definitely took my time but none the less here I am. Hopefully I will join the ranks of young Luke Skywalker and you may shortly call me, Master Crystelle.