Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pregnancy Woes

I need to spend some times recording some of the ups and downs of my 1st pregnancy!  

Due Date:  Aug 11th, 2013

Currently:  11 weeks and 6 days

Things that make me sick:

  • Smells!  Suprisingly not food but other smells.  Body wash, laundry detergent, deoderant, cologne and hand soap really get my gag going.  We are in the process of moving to all things unscented.  The smell of clean bed sheets makes me want to throw up at night :(  how weird is that?
How I've been feeling:
  • Nauseated.  I haven't actually thrown up but just feel sick all the time, my stomach is constantly turning.
  • Tired.  When I get home from work I seriously debate eating dinner or just going to bed.  It's lights out at 9 pm and even that is pushing it.
  • Hungry...absolutely starving when I wake up in the morning but I seem to get full after one piece of toast.  Eating partly alleviates my nausea but usually not completely.  Thus I go grazing continually throughout the day.  The holiday's and bad weather have definitely not helped...pretty sure I've gained 10 lbs in my first trimester :(
Fun Things:
  • Taking a pregnancy test.  I didn't actually think it was going to come back positive, it had been only 1 month since we started "trying" (hate that term).  I made my self wait until at least 3 days past when I thought I should have started my period...low and behold it was positive!
  • Using the baby as my excuse for everything :)  "The baby is hungry...The baby is tired...The baby wants chinese food"  
  • First doctor's appointment.  Our first appointment was at 9 weeks, I was a little disappointed they didn't listen for the heart beat or do an ultrasound but is was all exciting just the same.  It was crazy to hear the midwife confirm that my uterus was expanding and was about the size of a pear.
  • First ultra sound.  I signed up for a research study mostly so I could see the baby on ultra sound more often.  It only consists of going to one apointment during each trimester.  We went to our first appointment at 10 weeks.  Our little peanut really was about the size and shape of a peanut  in it's shell.  3.71 cm in length with a heart rate of 160 bpm.  The baby was up to all sorts of moving around in it's "swimming pool" which is currently about 3 times as big as he/she is.
  • Exercise.  I have had every excuse in the book, most of which I feel are fairly legitimate, none-the-less I haven't worked out for about 3 months.  I went to the library and got some exercise DVD's since I'm afraid exercising outside in the horrible inversion will do me more harm than good.  Turns out the library was a little low on selection so I came home with
    • An Indoor Power Walking video...which after previewing I was too embarrassed to do
    • A Jillian Michaels DVD...which in my deconditioned state was ruled out for the risk of premature labor or heart attack
    • A Pregnancy Workout DVD...since I had out-voted the previous two I was forced to try this one.  I have to admit I felt a little ridiculous working out with the women on the video who were 39 weeks pregnant!  I felt even more embarrassed by the fact I was actually getting tired about 5 minutes into it.  Chris could not stop laughing which definitley did not help my attitude.  When you haven't done squats in 3 months it really gets to you!  So even though it's wasn't super intense I felt good about doing more than I have done for a long time.
  • Listen to my body a little more.  I feel very frustrated by the fact that my stomach seems to have shrunk to the size of a two year old!  I now understand why your children complain that they are starving and as soon as you give in and buy them the outrageously over priced $7.00 hamburger at the rodeo they only eat about 3 bites before they are done.  They really do have tiny little stomachs that probaly need 6 miniature meals a day rather than 3 large meals a day.  This is exactly how I've felt.  Starving...but as soon as I sit down to eat dinner I am full before I'm half way through my meal.  Yet unlike a two year old I continue eating,  (a) because I was looking forward to this delicious meal, and (b) because I feel like I should be able to eat more.  This is no bueno and probably a huge part of my bloating at this point.  Besides I feel so uncomfortable after I force myself to eat more than my body wanted.
Other random thoughts:
  • I now understand why some women post pregancy pictures and why some don't.  When you don't have a flat stomach to begin with there is nothing cute about looking extra bloated in a photo.  I am already in fear of having a baby shower in which all my friends gather together to behold the beached whale right before it pops open!
Note to baby:  We do not blame you for any of the above and know you will be worth all of your mother's woes in the end.