Friday, March 28, 2008

Who do I resemble???

Okay I must confess, I've been dying to post all week. Now that I finally finished my blasted cardiopulmonary exam...this is my reward! Not only that, but I am heeding the numerous cries, (2 to be exact...ha, ha) for pictures...although I do feel this is somewhat self degrading.

As promised, I am providing you with side by side comparisons of myself with Japanese animation characters. I have no doubt you'll see the shockingly uncanny resemblance! Furthermore I decided to go a step further and recruit your help in resolving the ongoing debate as to which Hollywood actress I bear a closer resemblance to. (note: The actresses featured were chosen based off public feedback. If it were up to me I'd rather resemble Shakira or Beyonce. I don't resent my Japanese heritage, but it definately didn't bless me with the hips or butt a salsa dancer dreams of...Que lastima!)

1. Cartoon Eyes

Okay, this isn't the best side by side comparison, I had a difficult time finding a good cartoon picture. But I'm sure you are familiar with the cartoon eyes I'm talking about. They are often featured in such church publications as The Friend. Perfect little arched windows and completely flat across the bottom. I must give credit to Liz for introducing me to Erin's natural talent at imitating cartoon eyes. I'm not quite up to Erin's level but maybe a close 2nd or 3rd. Although I probably have the advantage of a large noggin to complete the cartoonish look.

2. Chihiro, from Miyazaki's Spirited Away

Uncanny resemblance! Am I right or am I right? Definitely a face I think I use on a daily basis. In fact, I used it just the other day. As I was out for a run I dashed across an intersection as the light was turning yellow. I quickly glanced at the driver of the vehicle to my side, (he was undoubtedly annoyed I had not yielded to the red hand of the cross walk), and flashed him the, "Oops! Bad judgement call on my part, sorry!" look.

3. Candace Cameron, aka: DJ Tanner from Full House

Don't let me influence your votes, but I must say this is probably the comparison I resent most! I hated people telling me I looked like DJ Tanner growing up. I always considered DJ the slightly chubby insecure older sister of the Tanner family, thus I did not like being told I looked like her. Unfortunately I don't have any younger pictures of myself here at my apartment...but then again people tell me I look pretty much the same now as when I was 5yrs old! (Yes, I also love comments like this, "Oh you're graduating this year, that's great! Now which high school are you at?")

4. Julia Stiles, from such great feature films as The Prince and I (now re-read that with a bit more sarcasm in your voice)

Okay, that was a low blow to Julia. I apologize, I've never actually seen that particular movie, so I can't judge. Additionally, she has been in some good films. However I still don't like the comparison. Don't ask me I said before, I'm just bitter I didn't come out looking a little more like J-Lo.

Okay, that's all I got. Is there any other fictional cartoon character's I'm missing? Wait, I have another real quick story for you. Once upon a time there was a boy in my ward who looked EXACTLY like Kevin James from The King of Queens. So naturally I approached him to state the obvious. Wow, that was a mistake! Without so much as a courtesy grin he rolled his eyes and replied with such a rude sarcastic tone, "Yeah, haven't heard that one before!". In light of this experience, although I may sound bitter...I applaud myself for always responding in a very politely resentful manner. With that said you may now cast your votes in my comments section :)

PS- feel free to vote for cartoon eyes or Chihiro, I would love it.


Steph said...

Crystelle, I think I might vote for the cartoon #2...That face is screaming a "Crystelle" face! I think I've experienced that face a ton with you when we suddenly accidentally drop something in the lab or we pass judgment on an old ex of ours...I just made that face thinking about it! hah, good times!

sojay said...

"An old ex?" What is the meaning of this? I vote for cartoon #1, although I must say I can see the DJ Tanner thing--never was a big fan of Full House or I would've picked up on that sooner. If you do the big 80's hair thing it would be even better.

Gabi & Steve said...

Hi Crystelle...long time no see! How are you? You look like all of the pictures...that's funny! How is you family? I'm still here in Colorado. Hope everything is well...keep in touch!!

Jacqueline said...

Amazingly entertaining... for real! I see resemblence in them all. Don't resent this, but I thought Candace Cameron when I first met you. You are gorgeous girl!

Sassy Rachel said...

OH MY look so much like DJ Tanner!!! Wow, I never realized it before, but you totally do! I vote her for sure

Katrina said...

I'm going with Chihiro. I've seen that face before!