Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

I thought it was about time I made a salsa related post. After all, I am the guera salsera, which for those who don't know, it means the white salsa dancer. Which I might add has a few great perks and benefits in the Latin dance scene:

a) Latin men seem to love white girls. Well, they love girls in general...but especially white girls. Therefore you are pretty much guaranteed a dance on every song based off skin color alone.

b) People naturally assume you don't know a thing about Latin dancing if you're white. The complete lack of expectations makes it easier to impress.

c) You avoid having to carry on conversation while dancing if the guy you're dancing with only speaks Spanish.

I'm pretty sure there are some more...but we'll leave it at three for now. In other salsa related news February marked the 1 year anniversary of my very first introduction to salsa!! I realize this is very difficult for some of you to imagine...Crystelle without salsa!! Sad but true...what characterized my frail existence before this point in my life?? Shamefully I must say I was often spotted at the local seniors center getting my groove on with a little Country Swing! Rest assured I have amended my ways and have pretty much Salsa-ed my life away consistently at least 3-4 times/week since my inauguration.

Coincidentally, (and most appropriately timed), I performed at my very first salsa congress this past February with my salsa team. It was AWESOME to say the least. I never would have thought I'd be swooning over some type of Latin Emo with his shirt unbuttoned to his naval proudly showcasing his "bling" on top of his naturally hairless chest! (Luckily my mother is too busy to even glance at the nonsense I'm posting on my blog...but just in case...I'm kidding mom!) Anyhow, I found it only fitting to commemorate the entire occasion by buying myself a new pair of salsa heels. Which after 6 long awaited weeks finally just arrived!! Check them out: Mamacita!!! In case you need the specks on these beauties I will outline them for you:

-Women's size 7
-Black Satin
-2 1/2 inch heel
-suede soles
-very HOT!!

That concludes my very first salsa post. Hopefully you have found this post informative in one way or another. Additionally, if you have not yet cast your vote on my look-a-like survey below please read far DJ Tanner is in the lead, but I still have high hopes for the Japanese animate #2

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Steph said...

I LOVE the new shoes! I bet that turns the heads of all the guys around.