Saturday, April 5, 2008

The ULTIMATE Vanity!

I recently had a conversation with one of my dear aunts, (whose identity will remain anonymous....So-J), in which I told her she was sufficiently hilarious and opinionated enough to join the blogging world (How thoughtful of me, I know). Her exact response was,

"A blog seems like the ultimate vanity--believing that people want to read my ramblings."

So with that established...yes, I am the ultimate exemplar of vanity and somewhat deranged to think people want to "read my ramblings". But this is not news to most of you, or myself...thus I will continues to pretend I have slew of dedicated blog stalkers who thrive on my weekly updates.

Okay the actual purpose of this post is slightly less exciting to most everyone but myself, and that is to update you on some recent highlights in my life. The picture below features Lizzy and I trying to strike a sexy salsa pose in our sweats before the start of the Moab Half Marathon last month.

I like to think we look pretty hot! Additionally, I thought it was the perfect lead in to my updates.

1. I ran the Moab Canyonlands Half Marathon last month. It was a little chilly this year and I didn't PR, but all in all I made it to the start on time and didn't have to stop for any unexpected pit it was a good run.

2. Me and my friend Steph have decided to do a Half Iron Man in June. That means a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run. I've got the swimming and running down...the biking will definately take some work...which leads me to #3.

3. I went out on my first official road biking excursion this past week. My dear sweet visiting teacher let me borrow all her gear including bike, helmet, shoes, jacket, leg warmers...the whole nine yards. Which led me to the conclusion road cyclists are gear heads....meaning I think half of what they love about the sport is having lots of gear. Admittedly I felt pretty official and all the more like a poser as we set out on our first ride. Despite the fact my thighs were burning after mile 2 in my futile attempts to keep pace with Steph, I'm happy to report I successfully clipped in and out of my pedals without any major mishaps.

4. Okay, here's the big one...Unbeknownst to most of you, my salsa instructor has been running auditions within the dance company during the past week and a half to select members as part of a more advanced performance team. I just found out today that against all odds (quite honestly)...I somehow managed to make it!! Thus I'm now part of the Soul Estilo performance group!

Okay, it's officially 4am and my body hates me for running yet another half marathon this morning followed up by an hour of salsa rehearsal this afternoon and 3 hours of salsa at the club tonight! Good night.


Katrina said...

Crystelle, you are a mad woman! And I can't believe I've still never seen you salsa!

Lauren said...

you are freakin hilarious in your blog (and in life). thank you for the subtle humor - it is entertaining.

sojay said...

I meant the "ultimate vanity" thing in regard to myself, although I do suppose it applies to everyone. You're a fitness-crazed mad woman. I'm jealous.