Sunday, April 20, 2008


Yes, as the title implies this post is simply about random-ish. My itching desire to make a new post coupled with my inability to think of anything worthwhile to write about...leads me to outline some of the highlights of my week:

1. Wednesday night I attended "Ladies Night" at a local cycle shop with my roommate. I figured I might actually learn something considering my recent struggles with the bicycle pump. In addition to learning how to change a tire I was equally thrilled to receive a FREE multi-tool. That's right folks, the very first piece of cycling equipment I actually own!! I now have an array of different sized allen wrenches at my disposal for any tightening needs.

2. Thursday I completed my first 45mile bike ride! I have to admit I was pretty hammered by the time we got home and can't really imagine an additional 11 miles on the bike followed by a 13.1 mile run!! Needless to say I have a ways to go in my training. On another note, I was secretly THRILLED to get a flat tire about 20miles out into the ride. Okay, clarification...I was initially slightly panicked seeing as Ann and Steph were already a good 400+ yards in front of me. What if I couldn't successfully change the innertube??? How long till they noticed I was no longer sucking air a quarter mile behind them??? CRAP!!! Okay, remain calm...what was the first step the butch Trek representative gave us in changing a flat? Ah ha! I remember...move out of the road! Ha, ha...I'm happy to report Steph and Ann soon realized I was missing and with some help I managed to successfully change my first tire!!

3. My little sister (aka: Pea-Head, The Pea, The Turtle) was able to spend some time with me between semesters. She was a great sport in attending my usual "Salsa Thursdays", which I'm happy to report was definitely NOT a disappointment this week!

4. Friday, Pea-Head and I went out for a little hike. It was fun and conversation consisted of the usually "girl talk" that accompanies such outings. Just as I began to expound on the fact that the physical flaws in my butt may actually be stemming from the lack of a defined waist line, I had the pleasure of unexpectedly running into one of my professors from school!! Somehow I'm not surprised by this scenario...maybe someday I'll learn to have a little more public discretion.

5. Saturday me and Steph hosted a little "fun run" for our fellow running Guru's. It consisted of a little 6 mile run followed by a delicious pancake breakfast! If there's anything I get excited about besides, salsa, wake boarding, and more recently's food! Thus I must report I made a delicious grilled portabello mushroom sandwich later that day from a recipe I found on-line.

All in all I'd say it was a pretty good week...except I wanted to go dancing Saturday night but ended up taking an extended nap from 8pm to midnight!!! Seriously, if you could have seen the disappointed look on my face when I woke up and looked at the clock at'd have been heart broken! Okay this really is the conclusion, and if you just read all this babble you are either:

a) a really good friend
b) my mom (yes, she has finally visited my blog)
c) very bored
d) a dedicated blog stalker

Well, whoever you are...thanks for reading.

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liz said...

i believe my answer would be e. "all of the above." considering i am one of your v. good friends, who is usually bored, and loves to blog-stalk...and in the Iverson family tree, i am your mom. ha!

love you. love your blog. love your face.