Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Why I wear BIG earrings

Due to all the heckiling and commentary I recieve...I thought I'd defend my position.

Why I wear BIG earrings:

  1. They’re sexy!!
  2. They give the illusion you are a little more put together than you actually are. This is because earrings are like icing on a cake…not only did that girl get dressed, but she took the time to coordinate an actual outfit, as evidenced by accessories. (Little do they know I haven’t washed my hair in three days!)
  3. I’ve gotten used to it and quite frankly I feel a little naked without them.
  4. I’ve inherited an abnormally large head from my Japanese heritage, (this has been confirmed by several loved ones…yeah, my family is real sensitive like that :) Thus I have a special need to wear large earrings which help dwarf my head size closer to that of an average human being.
  5. Sometimes I like to pretend I’m high maintenance, (then I remember I live paycheck to paycheck as a part time PE teacher)
  6. People notice them, and I freely admit I love to be the center of attention.
  7. They can dress up any outfit…literally, jeans, t-shirts, sweats, the possibilities are endless.
  8. They make great souvenirs.
  9. Bigger is better!
  10. They exude confidence. Whether or not I’m lacking self esteem, other people are inevitable thinking…wow, that girl’s earring’s are ridiculously large, what makes her think she can pull that off? She must be really confident. Okay, they're probably really thinking...that would really hurt if one of those got snagged on her backpack and ripped through her earlobe...but what can I say??? I live on the edge!
Well folks, that about sums it up, if you have any further questions about my personal mannerisms, habits, quirks, or just life with an abnormally large head feel free to ask.


Vanessa, Zac and Noah said...

haha! You are so clever:)

Katrina said...

You are so funny! Keep wearin em, girl!

liz said...

yeah, how is life with an abnormally large head? i've always wondered since i buy hats, sunglasses and other head gear from the kids section.

la guera salsera said...

I deal with the situation mostly by avoiding hats, sunglasses, and headbands all together. Think about...when was the last time you've actually seen me wear a hat? Point in case :) Sorry about your small head size struggles, I feel your pain.

Ocean Dreamer said...

I second your motion for big earrings. You have awesome accessories:-)and always look fabulous.

Cassie said...

Work it girl. Work those dangles.

Maria said...

You're cracking me up. And even though I have the same tendency as Sonja - to get hung up on typos and misspelled words - I'm learning to get over my neurotic behavior and just go with it. Joe's impression of our family so far is that we might be a little OCD. A little??

The Benches: said...

Do you ever worry that your ear
lobes will break?

Love you!

Chelsey said...

Stelle, I absolutely love the big earring look. I'm proud you have adopted these tendencies into your fabulous life. You go J-Lo.

Steely Dan said...

None of your claims have any foundational backing. You have no citations from any kind of reputable journal (GQ, Vouge, Cosmopolitan) So statements such as "They're sexy" have no real authority behind the claim.

la guera salsera said...

Excuse me! Despite the fact half of the comments on my blog are rebuttal's posted by myself...I'm going to have to say my blog is definitely "PEER REVIEW", thereby adding to the credibility of all my claims. Why couldn't you be a doll and question my claims about having a big one seems to be refuting me on this point :)

Serene said...

I love your writing - I have just been given a huge pair of red and arange earings from Mexico and was looking for help in wearing them...always been terrified to wear big earings...your article is a huge hug of confidence and I LOVE the Leona Lewis track! Happy Wednesday lovely Lady>XXX