Friday, March 14, 2008

My Contribution to Society

Okay people, I've finally decided to jump on the band wagon and create my own personal blog! I know this is a momentous occasion for many of you. To be quite honest I felt I was doing the world a disservice by not sharing my wit, humor, and gruesomely disturbing pictures and occasional thoughts. I know what you're thinking..."you're so vain, you probably think this blog is about you". Well fortunately for me IT IS, so for all you people who question what's really going on inside my's a small glimpse into the mind of the guera salsera.

I really have been debating about this blog for some time. Mostly because all the other bloggers I know focus their blogs around a.) their children (which I have yet to have any...although I'm told by my friend Steph all I need is a donor) or b.) their obsessive hobbies/interests. While you may be thinking I have quite a few obsessive interests myself, (salsa, wakeboarding, running, swimming, flirting, hiking, slacking), you may fail to see how this poses a problem?? Well, I didn't want to be limited to only posting about salsa, (although I'm sure many could attest to my ability to fill an entire blog with only this topic) or my latest dating woes, etc. Then I had a rather obvious epiphany...I can write about what ever the sam hill I please! After all it is my blog.

However, being an individual of constant turmoil and endless indecisiveness about the most trivial of matters in life, my problem ceased to be solved. As I excitedly brainstormed about the many wickedly awesome and hilarious posts I had in store for my future blog, and how I would undoubtedly have an exponentially growing foundation of devoted readers (don't worry...I've prepped myself for the let down on this one), I realized something; many of my stories may come off slightly offensive to either my friends, fellow salseros, family, or peers. Obviously I needed to decide upon my audience beforehand and cater to the specific needs of my soon to be growing fan base. Now I was back to the problem of being limited in my subject matter (I realize I am now starting to sound slightly crazy).

Well, this type of a thought process continued for many moons...I ultimately found no solution to my problem but have decided to blog regardless...with complete disregard of potentially disclosing too many detail of my life to my parents or highly conservative aunt So-J (aren't you tickled to be specifically mentioned by nickname!), or accidentally uprooting my good standing in the local salsa scene. Oh well, asi es la vida!


Jacqueline said...

Crystelle, I love it!!! It really has been many moons and now your blog is here. Thanks for introducing me to the blogging world. Maybe one day I'll be a writer like you!

Anonymous said...

Uh, well, to quote my mom,"I don't know computah." Nice blog. Now for an angry-man statement: Do the terms "Liability" or "HIPPA" worry you at all? Sorry, I'll keep my genetically inherited feelings of paranoia to myself. I look forward to future installments in all their bodily-invasive, projectile-vomitous, humiliatingly-graphic-photo glory. How do I work this thing? Is it posting? Oh yeah, I thought "Dan" was your cool brother? Dave.

Katrina said...

Ah, Stellie, you crack me up! I'm glad you've joined the bloggin world.