Friday, February 20, 2009

My Boyfriend Thinks I Stink

This is my newest favorite scent from Bath & Body Works...Black Amethyst...check it out.

Okay people, we have a topic to address. Let me fill you in on the situation...

As some of you know I have been dating a really great guy as of late. Last night, as we were on our way out, I mentioned that he smelled really good. I was quite taken back when he quickly responded with a slight tone of concern, "Oh, is it my shampoo or cologne? Is it too strong? I hate when smells are too strong." To which I responded, " Well, without sniffing you like a dog I'm not sure that I can distinguish if it's your shampoo or cologne. And I wouldn't have complimented you if I thought it was too's good".

Then I secretly had a waive of concern flood my thoughts...

Uh, I can barely catch a whiff of Chris unless I take a deep breath...I'm sure he used like one spritz of cologne at most, perhaps even a half spritz if that's possible. When I use body spray or perfume I use at a minimum three pumps...perhaps more. I mean especially body spray which is less concentrated than perfume...let's be honest, if I use only one pump, within two hours I don't think any one's going to smell anything. If Chris is afraid he smells too strongly I've definitely far surpassed a faint scent. I like people to catch a whiff when in a relatively close proximity without having to give me a close and lingering embrace. Anyhow, is Chris totally over powered when I wear perfume?

A second hint of evidence:
Once we arrived at my friend Stephanie's house the topic of conversation again turned to smells. Chris noted that he is particularly sensitive to smells especially as of late, (he's been sick). So much so that the box of dryer sheets lingering in his closet had to be removed from his bedroom in order to avoid induction of the gag reflex.

Hmmm...I'm thinking I wear a little too much scent for his taste. As I reflected more on the topic I do recall finding it odd that Chris has never told me I smelled good??? Not to be conceded but I really do like my body spray and pride myself on smelling good.

Well, if you know me at all you can probably guess what came next...that's right people, rarely can I avoid a good and pressing CONFRONTATION. So I asked Chris last night, "So I wear too much perfume? I mean, does it totally overpower you?" There was no need for a verbal response because the pained wince upon his face said it all! And a confession soon followed, "Sorry, don't hate me but I really don't like any of your body sprays".

Wow, uh...thanks for tip toeing around the issue! Jk...naturally I cannot be offended. I mean seriously, Chris can't help the fact that he is repulsed by my scent, just like I can't force myself to laugh at something that's not funny. I'm more just super bummed and slightly embarrassed. Here I am trying to allure my boyfriend by my sweet smelling nectar and now I'm having visuals of him running home to shower and strip himself of his contaminated clothing. It's like I've been hosing myself down with insect repellent before we go on a date! I mean seriously...he does NOT like the way I smell.

Not a big deal...except for the fact I really like the way I smell and I don't want to give it up! Furthermore I am now feeling rather self conscious...does he like the way I dress? What about my make-up? Are my eyebrows plucked too thin? Does this shirt accentuate my luv handles? Do I smack my food when I eat? Do you like my hair color? Do you the way I style my hair?

Obviously I'm going a little overboard...I mean, he must like something about me right? After all it was him who asked me out first!

Well, we're going to go scent shopping together to see if we can't find something we both like. I'm not too optimistic but I'll let you know how it goes. In a form of subtle rebellion and retaliation I dowsed myself in my favorite scent before heading to the dance last night and was not disappointed to receive many compliments :)

Has this or anything similar happened to any of you? If so how did you resolve your dilemma? Oh, and do any of you like Sensual Amber from Bath & Body Works?? Because I love that smell and it's perhaps the one Chris hates most.


liz said...

black amethyst is my new favorite scent as well! although i only use the lotion...but i do love it. my experience is when steve likes a scent he tells me and then buys it for me. so tell chris if he doesn't approve of your scent to whip out the $$. haha. :)

sojay said...

Oh no!!

Ok, I can totally relate to ye olde boyfriende. Did you know this about me? Ask Maria.

Do not, and I cannot overemphasize this, take him anywhere near Bath & Body Works (BBW.) I can smell that place a mile away and develop a headache anytime I go in!

Perfume counter, also highly dangerous.

At the risk of offending friends and family who have purchased gifts for me from BBW, all products from that store are overly scented, and most of them not pleasant to smell. They're for the olfactoraly (scentuously?) impaired. P.U.

Chelsey said...

Stelle, I have to admit that I gasped when I read 3 pumps minimum. Please tell me that is only for body spray, as perfume can be overwhelming with one solid spritz. I have also been told that it is much harder to smell yourself than others. Try putting lotion on that sexy nape of a neck of yours and see how Chris fairs.

davy said...

At the end of a race, 5k, 10k, marathon, etc., I'm sure you've seen the same thing I have, a finisher gets a big hug and a kiss. I get,"Kids! don't touch him! He's covered in sweat and bugs!" While true, there's a little twinge of what you've described. Invite him to a race. I wonder if your boyfriend might prefer that scent?

Kelli Nicole said...

Lol. I saw this post from Katrina's blog and I laughed because I know exactly what you mean, except I don't wear perfume and my boyfriend (who has this really weird heightened sense of smell) didn't like the way I smelled at all due to my shampoo/conditioner/body wash/lotion. I really didn't care what I used so he bought me something that he DID like :). I won't buy scented things without his approval cuz that's who I ultimately care about liking my scent! He does love most things from Victoria's Secret.

maria said...

You're engaged now. Isn't it time to update your blog? You can't have the last entry be "My Boyfriend Thinks I Stink".

Tammy said...


Jess said...

If youre wearing that Black Amethyst crap then Ive got to tell you, it smells really bad, or at least it does to me. I was in class the other day and I had been smelling this weird, yucky smell for a while and so I told the girl next to me "ugh something smells so bad..." and she was like huh maybe you think its my lotion so I smelled her hands & I almost gagged. It smells like some sort of weird medical disenfectant soap...bleh. Sure enough it was Black Amethyst.