Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back From the Surgeon and Tonsil Free

This is me in all my glory post surgery.

I was very anxious to bring you pictures of my new throat! So don't scroll down if you don't want to see. But you can definitely read my run down of the surgery.

I arrived at the surgical center nice and early at 8am. After some paper work I stripped down to my skiv-vies...(cotton panties) and put on my XXXL hospital gown. I have to say it was a little exciting never having had surgery before...but at the same time I was scared. I didn't let myself dwell on it too much. The nurse didn't get a good stick in my arm the first time so re stuck my hand. She felt so bad about it but it was no big deal to me. It felt like a full circle moment after all that I've put my research subjects a urine sample, sticking their arm a few times, making them take their clothes off and run around in spandex shorts.

After a few minutes Chris said goodbye and the anesthesiologist and scrub nurse wheeled me down the hall. It felt just like eyes got a little moist leaving Chris but I held it together. The operating room was HUGE, but the little operating table was narrow. I had to fold my arms across my stomach or they would fall off the sides of the table! I wonder how anyone bigger than me would lay on the table? It was also very cold.

The anesthesiologist was very nice and social. The surgeon was kinda anti-social...not mean, but just interested in getting down to business. That's okay, I myself am not always a people person...I understand. They first put some lidocaine in my IV to numb my didn't work very well because when he put the other drugs in my arm hurt so bad! I was unaware that happened but seriously the pain was quite intense. They told me to count down from 10 and see how far I got. I thought to myself, "I better count slow because it doesn't seem like anything is happening". I think I got to 5...that stuff is amazing!

After the surgery and 45 minutes into recovery I woke up. My eye lids felt very heavy and I was having a hard time opening them. I thought I had a down blanket over me but it was really this cool blanket that looked like large air packing space fillers you put in boxes you're shipping. The blanket was being filled with warm air...most excellent. I wouldn't mind having one of those on my bed at home. Super light weight but still warm and toasty!!

For some reason the meds made me a bit emotional. As soon as the nurse left my side I started with the erratic breathing that accompanies uncontrollable crying. There were no tears but it took me a while to calm myself down. I kept asking myself, "Why are you crying? You're not even in pain, you're totally fine". I felt like I was being a big baby and I did not want to be that weird scared hysteric patient. (I've broken down in uncontrollable sobbing about 8 times today...poor Chris) The doctor came and asked me how I was doing and I asked him two questions:

1. Was I a good patient? I think this caught him off guard and somewhat strange. In retrospect I guess it is?? (I'm sure he'd lie to me even if I wasn't but for some reason this is important to me. It makes me feel sensible and tough.)

2. Did you remove my adenoids? Yes, he did. He said they were a bit scarred up, the left one especially! He asked if the left tonsil usually swelled up more than the right? Why yes, this was indeed the case. In loving memory of my golf ball sized tonsils I have re posted my first concomitant infection of Step Throat and Mono from Nov 07, you'll see what I mean...check out ol' lefty.

They finally brought Chris back it was so good to see him. He was such a sweetheart. He spoon fed me a snack pack chocolate pudding cup and refilled my ice water about seven times. I think it took me about twenty minutes to eat that little pudding.

I've been feeling pretty good today Unfortunately all the nurses kept telling me I can expect to feel progressively worse as the days go by up until about day 5. Wah! I'm scared to go to bed tonight. The meds are however making me nauseous and I ending up throwing up about a liter of ice water this afternoon. Since I had drank so much water there was no acidity and it didn't hurt my throat at all!

That's it for now...except for something weird happened. Check out the picture when I just got home from the clinic. See my uvula? Now check out the picture I just took several hours later in the evening...I was searching frantically for my uvula in the mirror...I couldn't find it!! Then I realized it is the massive slug like protuberance slowly inflating in my throat!!! It has for some reason it has bloated to about 4-5 times it's original size! Enjoy or don't enjoy the pictures. Scroll down...

Okay in loving memory of my blasted tonsils behold the reason I got them removed! This was actually taken in like Jan/Feb '08...the second attack. Just some virus following the first mono/strep incidence.

This is right after I got home from the clinic around noon today. Please note my adorable little uvula hanging down in the middle of the know, your hangy down ball thingy. Those massive holes to either side are the void of my tonsils and adenoids.

Okay not check out those red dots spots above my large holes...they have gotten increasingly red. I think maybe that's where he gave me shots of lidocaine?? I really have no idea. Now check out my nasty slug of a uvula! I can't even locate the bottom of it looking in the mirror!! I hope I don't suffocate tonight. Pretty gruesome eh? I'll keep you updated.

However I have to admit it's pretty nice being spoon fed and tucked into bed like a baby my sweet fiance!


Tammy said...

Oh my gosh! So gross! Hope you don't choke tonight! YIKES!

Katrina said...

So I have to admit that you totally make me laugh even though you just had surgery and all. I love that you asked if you were a good patient. And I love that you posted photos of your mouth. Hope your recovery goes well!

sojay said...

You're amazing, post-op and drugged and still entertaining as ever!

Um, I don't think the anesthesiologist would put lidocaine in your IV, that could cause life-threatening arrythmias. You can check with your mom, but I'm pretty sure the risk does not outweigh the potential for pain from injecting meds.

Picture #3 isn't visible! I feel ripped off!

Those holes are gruesome!

Do you mean nauseous? Noxious means harmful or injurious or unwholesome--like "noxious weeds"--you'll recognize that quote when you go thru the temple...

Sorry, I cannot refrain from correcting you even in your weakened condition.

Awesome post.

Jason and Jackie said...

I hope you are feeling better! Want to get some ice cream soon? Let me know if you need any help with the wedding planning :)

Sassy Rachel said...

Oh stelle...glad you're recovering well. And those pics are just sick ok...sick


I love that you're getting married btw:) He sounds so sweet!

Jennifer said...

How is life on the flip-side? You know, post-surgery. I loved your post! And I was LOLing at the part about being SUPER emotional after getting out of surgery. Rachel Beckstead can attest--I was the same way when getting my wisdom teeth taken out. When I got out of surgery, I couldn't stop laughing--everything was so funny....and then all of the sudden, I stopped, looked at Rachel, and proceeded to bahl my face off. Rather alarming for Rachel.

Didn't seem to be too alarming for Chris, however. You've got a keeper.

Anonymous said...

ahhh im scared now i have to get mine taken out soon..and i have tonsilitis at the moment (so painfull!) cant wait to not have any more tonsilitis it will be great!