Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Sorry I've been MIA forever and then some. I've been busy planning my wedding and trying to keep my head above water :) Here is a peak at some of my bridals. Stay tuned for my monster mosquito bite!

The soft smile

Out in nature...
that shot was actually taken at the edge of a parking lot and I'm pretty much standing on a couple of beer cans.

Off with the shoes!

The bouquet I kept fretting over.

I like to call this the Jane Austin backdrop.


Rustic fence post.

Laughing hysterically...when I did that the photographer said, "Woah, do that scrunchy thing with your nose again." (Chris' favorite picture)

Toe shot.
My mother said, "good thing your toes were done", ha, ha... as if it was by accident.
Also I was thrilled with the purchase of my shoes for only $16 at Target!


Sassy Rachel said...

LOVE THEM ALL!!! So incredibly beautiful stellie!

sojay said...

I love the scrunchy nose picture too. Welcome back! I want to hear all about Hawaii!

maria said...

Ditto, how about some Hawaii pictures. And I like the frolicking shot.

Cassie said...


Heather Choate said...

Crystelle- these are gorgeous! You were so beautiful on your wedding day- just like always!

Erika said...

Beautiful! You look absolutely gorgeous!