Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Article Review

As you can tell I'm lacking in my blogging creativity...apparently I shared all I had to say in about four months. Which pretty much consisted of poking fun at my large head, weird research activities, a few dating woes, etc. So I've decided to leave the writing to someone else this time.

The following is an exerpt from a research paper I was reviewing for my thesis.

Each subject retired to insert a rectal probe 10 cm beyond the anal sphincter. One subject did not consent to this procedure. Prior to immersion, the level of the tank water was set 2 cm below the level of the gluteal fold in order to accommodate lower limb volume. (Burnley et al 2002)

Ha, ha, this is how I entertain myself, and I'll tell you what...there's definitely more where that came from! One word, Pubmed, knock yourself out :) Okay, I'm sounding lame now. But seriously can we please discuss the lame-o that wouldn't consent to the rectal probe? And let us please give a hollar for "gluteal fold"...ha, ha, I can't say it without laughing.


Burnley, M., Doust, J., H., and Jones, A., M. Effects of prior heavy exercise, prior sprint exercise and passive warming on oxygenn uptake kinetics during heavey exercise in humans. Eur J Appl Physiol 87: 424-432, 2002.



WHAT IS THIS?!?!?! Did you tell me you rode the Tour de Donut??? And you sure as heck didn't tell me you WON!!!

You freakin' rule, lady. Period.

liz said...

eww. crystelle. glutel fold?
i'm gonna need some more postage please. and soon. :)

Steph said...

I'm happy you cited your source at the end of this blog as well as throughout the post. It shows you have done this a time or two before :). Don't worry Crystelle, we won't have to write like this forever!!!

Side note: Jones is one of the key authors. ha!