Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Since no one wants to answer my phone calls and listen to me complain about life...

As implied from the title of this post, I am officially homeless. My belongings now reside in some random lady's house, Chelsey's garage, and the back seat of my smurf mobile. For anyone who has not experienced the homeless life of a wandering vagabond, I don't recommend it. Sure you save on rent, (which by the way is not why I am homeless), but it's a big pain in the butt! I will spare you the full details of my housing dilemma but let me show you what I'm up against.

$850 / 3br - Well maintained, 3 bedroom beautiful house w/ modern bathrooms

The fact that they feel the need to specify "modern bathrooms" concerns me. Seriously, modern bathrooms as opposed to what??? An outhouse? Okay, in case you think I'm just being picky I actually looked into this place but it's not an option as they are looking for someone to take over the mortgage on the home.

Additionally, while I'm in the business of wallowing in my despair...I would like to complain that my underarms hurt. Somehow I once again was convinced to sell my body to science for only $10.00. It was a study on different types of crutches and which ones are most energy efficient and comfortable. Well, the bruises on my underarms will testify the are NOT comfortable!!!


Amy said...

I love modern bathrooms.

Maybe they meant a latrine?

I think it's so sad that no one has yet commented on your homeless blog!!! If you need a place to stay, I've got an extra room and extra bathroom - just give me a holla.


Thanks Amy! Ha, ha...yeah, my readership is definitely waning :( Probably in part to my inconsistent nature in posting lately, or maybe I've let the ball drop in the department of hilarity. As you can see I'm oh so humble :)