Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Lack of Energy

Do you ever just lack the energy to do anything...so instead you sit around and do nothing?

For instance I am stuck in a chair right now in my office because I lack the energy to brave the mile long walk to my car in the snow. And once I arrive at my car, because I have lacked the energy to go buy a snow brush, (who knows where the one from last winter went?? it will most likely show up sometime along with three others and then I'll have four when all I need is one!!), I will have to scrape my car off with my arm...and undoubtedly will get snow up my jacket sleeve. Then I will have to wait for twenty minutes for the heater in my car to start working. And after driving in second gear all the way out to north/west Orem (I like to remind people I live in an entirely different city!) because the roads are so slick, and the Smurf mobile likes to fishtail, I will arrive at my home 40 minutes later. Upon arrival I will have to search the streets for a suitable parking spot, one I can assuredly not get stuck in over night. Then I'll have to muster up the will to leave the warm vehicle and brave to cold icy sidewalks. After lugging all my bags into the house i'll stand face to face with the lack of energy to make dinner...

And that is why I continue to waste time sitting here...because the alternative...although inevitable, does not sound very inviting.

This is the very same dilemma I face every night as I have to get ready to go to bed. I can't even bare to outline all the steps I must follow before flopping my head onto my pillow. Which is why I stay up too late night after night and feel exhausted the next day when I have to get up early.

Someone help me break free of the insanity!!! :)


The Benches said...

Loved your words. Although different circumstances than yours, I find myself having a hard time finding energy to do much either.

How's the trench mouth? Loved seeing you last weekend.

sojay said...

Why no energy? Are you still not eating? Mono relapse? What's going on??

davy said...

SAD? (Seasonal Affective Disorder) Need a research grant to conduct a study in Australia, I think.

Chelsey said...

Stelle, have you been reading my diary? I've been tired since 1997, when I first enrolled in seminary.