Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Make-up, hair, the whole nine yards.

Okay, once again my aunt's blog has led me to post...I can't refrain from expressing my view points on the a fore mentioned daily rituals imposed and demanded of by society.

The question of interest was, "I decided that if I feel like I look better with it on--and I must since I wear it when I dress up--why would I not want to try and look better all the time?

I'll tell you why, it's a pain in the butt to look your best all the time. It's TIME consuming. For any of my male readers...(assuming I have any)...let me list for you the crap a girl must go through to always be looking her best.

Make-up, hair (this includes wash, blow dry, and straighten/curl), and the whole nine yard. Let me expound on the whole nine yards....plucking your eye brows on a daily basis, shaving your legs, pits, and other area when necessitated by bathing suits, picking out clothes, picking out accessories...I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting.

All this and we haven't even discussed "fat days". Fat days are an unexplainable phenomenon that happens quite frequently. Let me explain...that oh so flattering and adorable outfit you wore two weeks ago and planned to wear again for church this morning is suddenly making you look like a frumpy cow!!! What gives??? Maybe if you just change your top...okay that didn't work but six shirts later you found one that looks decent. But now your skirt doesn't really go with it. Then we have the question of boots or heels? Brown or cream socks, nylons or no nylons, big or small earrings, belt or no belt, vest or no vest, the list is almost indefinite and now you must decide to pull your hair back, wear it curly or straight, head band or no head band...I'm exhausted just typing about it all!

Can you even imagine what my room looks like now?? But there is no time to pick up because I've already made myself late to whatever function I was getting ready for! And by the time I come home from dancing at 1 am I am much too tired to hang up the massacre of clothes on my bed. Thus I gather them in my arms and plop them on the floor. I would pick them up in the morning but I've already hit the snooze three times and have about T-2 seconds to get my butt to school! Which leads me to the fact I clean my room at least once or twice a week but it always looks like a mess?

Stupid Oprah!! That's right, I watched an episode a few years ago in which Oprah said you have to always look your best. Whether you're running to the grocery store for a nasal decongestant or going out on the town because you never know when you're going to meet "Mr. Right". Well guess what Big O., Mr. Right ain't right unless he loves me when I look like butt too! Okay, I realize I'm getting carried away. That is all.


davy said...

I wish I were still ignorant of the things you're describing. Of course, now Liz is going to kick my rear.

sojay said...

Hahaha! You're so funny! Davy's funny too!

I actually very strongly subscribed to your point of view, but aging changes everything.