Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Progress on Baby's Dress

Thanks to my sister in law I may not have to do laundry for the first 3 months of Chloe's life.

Seriously!!  I think I have more than 45 newborn onsies.  But a thank you to everyone who gave us a few new things...nice to have somethings that aren't hand-me-downs.  After 3 months...we're a little lacking in the clothes department.  Perhaps I'll have to make another trip to California and get another "shipment" as baby Zia outgrows her clothes.

I was getting overwhelmed by the amount of projects I would like to finish before Chloe comes.  I tried to simplify my life and give up on painting the baby's room but Chris insisted.  So here we are prepping the room for a fresh coat of paint.

All taped off.

And Ta-Da...the one sleeved top half of Chloe's blessing dress.  Making  a ruffled baby sleeve and then sewing it into a miniature arm hole on the bodice of the dress was probably the hardest thing I have ever done. sleeve down, one more to go.  Don't be too impressed or anything :)  And yes the bodice is complete with lining...kinda sewed the lining on backwards...but I've got to have a few errors my first go around, isn't really a big deal.  As I broke down yesterday overwhelmed with hormones and projects Chris suggested I have my mom finish the dress for me!  I was insulted, it's about senimental value sweetheart.  Besides, I need a few more gray hairs before my first baby right?

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